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I'm going to CatchCon this year even if I have to go by myself! OMG! Last April I had a ticket and knew where I had to go, but my friend who wanted to go didn't get an invite, so he couldn't go and my mom didn't want me going alone, so I didn't go. Sigh, I wish I had, but I am going this year, dang it! Hehe... here's the articles...

One is pretty sad, but the other is cool...

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Got this from @NorthwesternPR ... I live about an hour from Seattle and one of the places I like to go and also the place where the F/V Sea Star docks in the summer and offers tours, is Seattle's Fisherman's Terminal... There they have the Fisherman's Memorial, dedicated to the fallen fishermen... Last year when the F/V Katmai sank, flowers and pictures were set around it for them... On the ground are bricks with names of fishermen... Captain Sverre Hansen, builder of the F/V Northwestern (featured on Deadliest Catch) is also the father of the men who run the boat, Sig, Edgar and Norman Hansen... His name is on one of the bricks... Anyway, since I was off today, I was thinking about making a trip over there, but I got up later than I planned, so I didn't get a chance to...

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Collection of articles I've found in the last few days about Phil... The DC marathon is menioned in the last one.

I am so sad that he is gone :( Was talking with some friends, one of whom knew him well, and she's pretty upset. We all miss him.


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Okay so about 25 minutes ago a friend from Colorado wrote me and asked me if I knew any more on Phil because a friend of hers in Boston sent some sad news to her; that Phil passed away and just as I reply to my friend in Colorado about what I knew as of the 3rd that he was doing better...

UPDATE: 10:15pm 2/9/2010

It is with deep sadness that I inform you that Captain Phil Harris passed away today, February 9, 2010, approx. 7:30pm PST

Born December 19, 1956
Died February 9, 2010
He was 53

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Just getting up, at like 11:30am, on 2/3/2010 and in checking messages, found that there is another update on the discovery site about Captain Phil.

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Just checked my Twitter updates and our local news station, KIRO7 had an update about Phil:

'Tweeted' about 1:45am PST 2/3/2010
Posting here at 3:00am, PST 2/3/2010
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Just getting home from work and taking care of some things, but just read through the update on Captain Phil.

As of 1/31/2010 ~ 10:00pm PST

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My thoughts and prayers are with Captain Phil Harris, his family, and friends in this tough time. I had the lucky opportunity to meet Phil several times and he is a great guy! Most recently I saw him back in September 2009 during a coffee promo for his coffee line, Captain's Reserve... Great coffee :D

Updated 8:20pm 1/30/2010 ~ Will update when I get more info...

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My buddy, Jen, and I went over to Ballard yesterday to the Fisherman's Terminal where they were doing an event in support of the Seattle Fisherman's Memorial. Two of the guys from the F/V Northwestern (as seen on Discovery Channel's Deadliest Catch) were there. I got to meet Edgar Hansen and Matt B and got pictures with them. It was awesome!

It was odd how I found out about this. The store I work in always plays B97.3 on the radio and they've been mentioning this past week, but I never heard the whole ad, just a few words of it, so after searching on their site, I found out what it was for and knew I wanted to go and got Jen to go with.

Over at Fisherman's Terminal there is a former crab boat, the F/V Sea Star that has been turned into a mini-tour boat that you can go on and see what its like to be on a crab boat. It's totally cramped, but still neat that we went. Docked right next to the Sea Star is the F/V North American (also on the show) and damn! It's like 3-4 times bigger than the Sea Star.

Some of the Sea Gals were also there and I got a pic with them.

After Jen and I left there, we drove around Seattle. Got to see the Space Needle up close, but didn't stop (that's for our next trip) and then went to the Pike Place Market for a little while. We didn't stick around much more than thirty minutes before I needed to get out of there; was getting a little too uncomfortable with the amount of people there.

We headed back to B-town after that. 


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