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Title: Breakaway
Author: Sapphire ([ profile] sapphiresfic)
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: Puckleberry (Puck/Rachel), Puck, Rachel, other Glee characters
Rating: PG-13
Status: Work in Progress (as of 5/28/2012)
Spoilers: The whole series will be through the Glee season 3 finale.
Fic Table prompt: #31 - Space (table at my journal here).
Summary: Alternate, deleted and additional scenes leading to Puckleberry being endgame by the end of season 3. Parallels with my LJ Lark series. Slightly AU after the end of '3x11 - Michael'. Posted in honor of Puckleberry Week. For fic table prompt #31 - Space.
Disclaimer1: I don't own Glee, so I'm just borrowing the characters and ideas for the fun of writing, *but* I do own the original characters, original plot and other original ideas.
Disclaimer2: Title from one of my favorite Kelly Clarkson songs 'Breakaway'. Just borrowing. I don't own!


For more details, see 'Part 1' of 'Breakaway', but this series will parallel with my Lark series that I only post here on my LJ... My Lark series so far: 'Part 1 - Breaking The Rules' and 'Part 2 - Something To Talk About'.

The first part was posted in honor of 'Puckleberry Week' on Tumblr. 'Deleted Scenes' was the theme for the first day, 4/23/2012, so I thought this fit into that category, though it was a bit late...


Links to each part:
Part 1: '3x11 - Michael' to '3x13 - Heart'
Part 2: '3x14 - On My Way'
Part 3: '3x15 - Big Brother'
Part 4: '3x16 - Saturday Night Glee-ver' (4a & 4b)
Part 5: '3x17 - Dance With Somebody' (5a & 5b)
Part 6: '3x18 - Choke' (6a & 6b)
Part 7: '3x19 - Prom-A-Saurus'



Hi! This is EJ... AKA sapphiresfic on LJ, sapphireej on and EJ8302 on Tumblr and Twitter.

6/8/2012 - ALL LINKS in posts go to LJ. Over time I will correct them so they go to DW, but for now, it's a start.

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