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Title: Broken Road, Part 15/?
Author: Sapphire ([ profile] sapphiresfic)
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: Puck, Rachel, Puck/Rachel, Puckleberry
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,337
Spoilers: Up to 1x22 ~ Journey; just to be safe
Series: 'Broken Road' (List of all the parts on my LJ)
Fic Table prompt: #47 - Protection (table at my journal here).
Summary1: Rachel visits her dads in Lima for the holidays, gets pulled over, her ex from NYC stalks her, threatening her life and the cop who pulled her over helps protect her... For fic table prompt #47-Protection. (Story: T/PG-13. Ch. 10-12: M/R for content.)
Summary2: Noah and Rachel talk about some things and Noah meets her cousin, Anna.
Disclaimer: I am just borrowing them for the fun of writing, BUT I do own the plot, ideas and original characters.
A/N: I edited this, so all mistakes are mine.
A/N2: Feedback keeps me writing, so please comment or review. :D
A/N3: Title comes from 'Blessed The Broken Road' a song by Rascal Flatts. I do not own it, just borrowing for the fic.


A/N4: A super-belated, but much anticipated, birthday fic for a good friend of mine, PKteach. I wanted to write her a birthday fic, and this is from an idea she gave me.

A/N5: The Gleeks were Juniors in high school when Quinn was pregnant.

A/N6: AU after 1x22 ~ Journey, but contains a relationship that began in 2x01 ~ Auditions.


Reminder: The rating of this story as a whole is 'T/PG-13'. Only chapters 10-12 are considered a rating of 'M/R' due to content.


Sticking to their morning plans, Noah and Rachel woke up early and after her dads left for work, they gathered up some of Noah's dirty clothes and work things and headed over to his apartment.

Now that they weren't surprised to see his mom and sister there, Rachel got a chance to see more of his place. It wasn't the first time she'd been in there; she'd been there many times before they lost contact. He moved into the place the summer after they graduated from high school, but it was back when he didn't have a lot of money to decorate or have a ton of furniture. Since then, he'd gotten a better paying job and more time to fill his space with basic furniture and put up posters that screamed single young man. The posters were mostly of sports teams or athletes he liked, some were cheerleaders, while others were for cars, games or movies he liked, too. On the large entertainment center where his flat screen TV was, he had some photos in frames, and they were also hanging on the walls.

Looking at the photos in the living room, Rachel could see they were mostly friends and family, but she landed on one that was of ten people, including Noah, Matt and their boss she'd met. They were all dressed in their SWAT uniforms and she realized it was their team photo taken over the summer. On closer inspection, she was surprised to see a woman on the team and wanted to ask him about it later.

Continuing to look, Rachel made her way down the hallway where more pictures were hanging and recognized his mom, sister, their friends from Glee and more teammates from his photo in the living room. When her eyes landed on a photo of a bunch of their friends dressed up, she smiled when she realized it was at Mercedes and Matt's wedding.

As her trek brought her to his room, where he'd gone to start going through things, she stepped inside and found more of the same types of photos hanging around, except these photos were older; from high school. She saw a photo of the Glee Club, dressed in their costumes from the first Sectionals they'd won, and a few more similar photos that had been taken of everyone at other competitions over the two years they had been together as a club. Also mixed into those were ones of Noah with his friends from school, football or basketball. Reaching a section that was above his dresser, she gasped.

"Didn't think I'd have pictures of us up, huh?" He asked curiously, as he sorted things out at his bed.

She didn't respond right away, wanting to look closer and found several pictures of just her and him, taken at various times in their last two years of high school. Mixed in were also some pictures from the first few years after graduation, before they'd lost touch, "well, yes, part of me didn't think you would have any up, since we haven't talked in a few years, but I'm glad I was wrong," she smiled, reaching out and running her hand along the frame, holding a photo of both of them dressed in their red graduation gowns, just after the ceremony, "we also only dated briefly."

"Yeah, but we were friends. You were honestly the first girl I was friends with that meant something to me. I mean, yeah, I knew Quinn, but I definitely wouldn't call her friends and it hasn't been until the last few years that I've really gotten to know Tina and Mercedes," Noah explained, walking over to her and slipping his arms around her waist from behind.

Rachel leaned back against him and smiled, "that means a lot, Noah. I think you were my first real guy friend, too."

"Good to know," he pressed a kiss to her cheek and then guided them back towards his bed, piled with things he'd gathered up.

Rachel knew he wanted to get back to what he'd been doing, so she took a seat on his bed, "do you need any help?"

"Nah. I'm just rotating shirts and stuff. I'll figure out what I need to take when we get back to your place. I mean, like you told my sister last night, we don't need a lot, so we probably won't have to check luggage at all."

"Very true. You just need something to change into on Sunday," she said, setting her hands behind her and leaning back a little, "you have a great place, Noah. I remember when you first moved in and didn't have a lot of stuff. That changed after we lost touch. I didn't get a chance to look around last time I was here; since your mom and sister surprised us."

"Yeah I remember. I'm glad you like it," he paused and sat down next to her, "I know we keep saying we'll deal with the living arrangements later, but have you thought any on what we're going to do?" He asked softly.

Rachel was silent for a long moment, seeing the concern on his face and realized he was worried about what their future held. Taking his hand she squeezed it and slid closer to him, "I have, a little. Have you?"

"Yeah," he nodded, "and I can't believe I'm going to say this, but I don't know if I'll be able to leave Lima. It's home. I know when I was younger I couldn't wait to get out of here, but now with the team... I love my job and I don't want to give it up... Especially because Matt's my partner... He joined because of me," he explained, "I know this may be hard to hear, but I wanted you to know. I don't know if leaving is an option for me."

"Then, it's a good thing I am thinking about coming home," she smiled, squeezing his hand.

"What?" He gasped in shock, "since when?"

"Well, remember the day I went to see Arin and the Glee Club? Before Thanksgiving?" She asked.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"That morning, after you went to work, dad and daddy brought up the question of what we'd do about our living arrangements if we dated, because we weren't at the time. Since coming home I've done some thinking about it. I totally understand your reasons for wanting to stay and you're right; you've got a really good job here and I would definitely not ask you to give up what you love to follow me," she held up her other hand to stop him from replying, because she knew what he'd say, "I know you won't ask me to do the same thing, but I wouldn't mind coming home. Another part of the reason I want to go to New York now, is to see how I feel about returning; see if it feels the same now, as it did before. Part of me doesn't want to go back at all. Part of me does, so that tells me that my heart isn't there anymore. It's here with you, dad, daddy and our friends and family," she explained, "that afternoon, I mentioned to Mr. Schuester and Arin, that my degree allows me to teach choir in New York, so all I'd need to do is have my degree checked out to see what I qualify to teach here in Ohio and take a test and I could come back and teach choir, coach Glee, that kind of stuff. I know nothing is set in stone, but I figure after we get married officially, I'll look into what I need to do to became licensed to teach in Ohio."

Noah's mouth fell open in shock and then he smiled, "you'd do that? You'd come home?"

"I would," she nodded, "right now, I want to be with you and go wherever that takes us," she smiled at him, "and if that means coming home to Lima to be with you, I will do that once I finish the show."

"Wow, babe, that's," Noah paused, "that's awesome, I mean... Right?" He asked unsure.

"It is awesome," she agreed, wrapping her arms around him and pulling him in for a kiss, "most of my dreams came true already. Now you're my new dream, Noah," she whispered against his lips.

Noah wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her close to him, guiding them back, so they were laying on their sides, "you're my new dream, too," he smiled, kissing her once more.

Rachel melted against him and continued the kiss, but a nervous thought popped into her mind and though she tried to push it aside, she couldn't shake something she wanted to know, "Noah," she bit her lip, "I..."

"What? What is it?" Noah asked, concerned at her quick shift.

Glancing up towards his pillows, she took a deep breath, "I... I have something to ask, but I'm afraid you'll get mad at me."

"You can ask me anything, babe. I won't get mad at you," he assured her, reaching up to brush away some loose strands of hair from her face, "what's wrong?"

Taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she looked at him, "I wanna be here, but you... you wanted to get a test done and..." She paused, blushing, "how many girls have you had over and in your bed?" She asked softly.

"One," he replied, "unless you want me to count my mom, my sister, Carole, Quinn, Mercedes, Tina and Emma, who have all visited my place, then eight," he paused, seeing nerves in her eyes, "babe, that one girl is you. I've never brought girls over, unless I know them. I'm a cop and I don't want a bunch of one-night stands knowing where I live. I have weapons in this place, and before I became a cop, I never brought girls here. My place has always been somewhere I can get away from all that," he said honestly, "I swear, I've never shared this bed with anyone," he promised.

Rachel sighed in relief, her blush growing, "I believe you," she took a deep breath, "I just had a thought that you wanted to get a test done to see if you had anything and I don't know exactly all the medical details on how things are passed, so I wanted to know, but I also wanted to trust you."

Noah pressed a kiss to her lips and let his hand run through her hair gently, "I get it and you have every right to know the truth, which is what I told you. I've never brought girls over before, so my apartment and bed are safe from anything," he assured her, then smirked, "well, I haven't washed my sheets in a while, so they might smell like dirty socks."

Rachel giggled lightly, "well, there are ways to change that."

"Yeah, I know. I'll deal with it later. It's not like I'm sleeping in it for a while," he winked, "you do still wanna stick with not sleeping here until we get married, right?" He wondered.

"I think it'd be more special if we waited to stay here until our first night as husband and wife," she admitted, "I know that week after we get married may be a little hectic, but we'll have this place to be alone."

"Sounds great to me. I want our first night together to be as special as possible," he smiled.

"It will be, Noah, I have no doubt in that," she shifted closer to him, her eyes drifting closed, but before she could get too comfortable, she gasped and sat up quickly, looking around for the clock, "Noah you have to finish. We're meeting Rabbi Goodman in an hour!"

"Oh yeah," he smirked and sat up, kissing her again, "relax, we've got time. I'm almost done."

"I just don't want to be late," she told him, "it would be very rude."

"I know and we won't be. It only takes like fifteen minutes to get to temple from here. We'll be okay," he replied, standing up. Pressing another kiss to her lips, he stepped away and returned to his duffel bags, "just sit there and look hot."

Rachel blushed at his words, but nodded, "alright. I can do that."


Knowing Rachel wouldn't let him slack off, Noah finished up packing and made sure he had a clean uniform for Monday, along with all his other gear. With bags in hand, he and Rachel left his place and went to drop them off at his car, and then the two went to check his mail and talk to his landlord. He wanted to let him know he was still around, but spending some time at her place and also introduced him to Rachel, in case she stopped over one day without him; at least that way there wasn't a question who she was. Noah's landlord appreciated the update and was glad to meet Rachel and congratulated them on their upcoming marriage.

With time running out, Noah and Rachel left his apartment complex and headed to the Temple in town, arriving just before eleven and went inside, finding Rabbi Goodman in the main area of building.

Greeting familiar faces with handshakes, the rabbi led them into a quieter area so they could talk privately and he congratulated them on their engagement. The man had been at the temple for over thirty years, so he was around before Noah was born and was happy to see him grown up and now taking another big step in life. He also knew the Berrys, but didn't know as much about them, because they'd only been around since Rachel started ninth grade and they didn't attend services often.

Rabbi Goodman admitted he was surprised that they were getting married so soon after getting together and engaged, but once he learned the whole story, he understood why and agreed to marry them; he hadn't planned to turn them down, but wanted to talk to them first before he made a decision.

Once Rachel and Noah learned he was willing to marry them, they talked about how simple they were planning to make their ceremony, but still honor some of the Jewish traditions, including the wedding canopy, the Ketuba, the marriage contract, and breaking of the glass. The rabbi agreed to what they wanted and was making some notes of his own in a planner for their ceremony and told them it wouldn't hurt to get their license from the courthouse soon, so they weren't waiting until the last minute. Rachel and Noah agreed that was a good idea and decided to do that sometime the following week.

The conversation with the rabbi lasted a little over an hour and soon they were shaking hands, thanking the man and agreeing to meet in a few weeks to update him on the planning progress and give him an idea of timing for the ceremony.

When the couple left, Rachel and Noah decided to head out for lunch, since it was that time and it'd give them a chance to soak in what they'd talked about with Rabbi Goodman. Sitting across from each other at Breadsticks so they could talk, Rachel admitted she was excited and happy that the rabbi would be marrying them and they could check another thing off their list.

After lunch, the two went shopping to pick up the items Rachel wanted to get for the party that night and finally, a little after two, they were back at the house. Her dads were still at work and though Rachel wanted to get started on preparations, Noah talked her into kicking back on the couch for a while to relax.

"You just want me to yourself, because you know we'll have a bunch of people over tonight," she smirked, then gasp, "I need to fix up the guest rooms!" She shifted to get up, but her fiancé held her in place, "Noah" she pouted.

"Relaxing means not doing work. The guest rooms will hold for a little while longer. Besides, what do you have to do? Change the sheets? I can do that while you deal with the food and that stuff," he suggested.

"Really? That is all I need to do. You wouldn't mind doing that?" She asked surprised.

"Nah, of course I wouldn't mind," he assured her, kissing her forehead and guiding her to lay back down on the couch, "now just relax. We're a few steps closer to getting married and I think after the things we did today, we earned a few minutes to chill on the couch."

Rachel blushed, "well, I suppose you are right," she agreed, smiling lightly and settled in for a moment.


Noah and Rachel's moment lasted fifteen minutes. It was a lot longer than Noah had expected her to last, but less than he was hoping for. He'd take what he'd get, because he knew things needed to get done and her brain wouldn't turn off even if her body tried to. While she moved into the kitchen to get started on cooking and the other things she wanted to do, Noah headed upstairs with his bags and dropped them off in her room, before moving into one of the guest rooms to do what he said he would, so Rachel didn't have to.

Rachel still wasn't used to having someone else pitch in to help with hosting a party; she'd had parties with her roommates before, but usually by the day of, they'd either not be around or not know what to do, so they'd just spend time mingling with their guests and Rachel was usually left with the hosting duties of keeping the place clean, pointing out where things went or keeping track of everything. She definitely liked being home and having her dads, Noah, Deborah and Arin to help out.

It didn't take long for Noah to change the sheets on the beds; each room had sheets in the closet, so he didn't have to worry about getting them mixed up and once he finished, he made his way downstairs to find Rachel just putting a tray of something in the oven. "Bedrooms are done," he said, moving behind her and slipping his arms around her waist.

"Great! Did you shake out the comforters?" She asked, moving over to the counter to continue mixing a few chip dips she was making.

Noah smirked, "yes, I shook each comforter, and changed the sheets, though I don't think they needed to be changed, because I don't think anyone has slept in the beds since they were washed last," he replied, moving to stand behind her.

"Probably not, but I imagine they've been there a while, so it's better to put fresh ones on," she said, "and while I'm doing this, you could go pack. I don't need to, since I still have clothes in New York. I just have to gather up a few things to take in my carry-on."

"I could do that, or I could help you down here. Then when we're both done, we could go upstairs," he paused and stepped closer to her, wrapping his arms around her waist from behind again and kissed her cheek, "I could pack, you can sort out the notes you want to discuss with everyone and by then, your dads should be home and mom and Arin should be over soon, too," he murmured in her ear.

Even though she was focused on what she was doing, she couldn't help leaning back against his strong chest and resting her hands on his, "you always have such amazing ideas, Noah."

"It's alright. Sometimes you're just too close to the project to think about other things. No worries," he explained, "so, what can I help with?"


Rachel and Noah spent the next little while mixing things up, baking some finger foods in the oven and gathering bowls to put chips and crackers in. Once they were done, like Noah suggested, they went up to her room and while she sorted out some notes, he filled a smaller duffel bag with a change of clothes for the next day and a few other things, knowing he wouldn't need too much.

A little after three she'd gotten a message from her cousin that she was on her way up from Columbus and just after four-thirty, Alan got home. David got home a little after five and Deborah and Arin were over just after them. Rachel showed Arin to one of the guest rooms to drop her bag off and then Rachel gave her the list she'd made for her to keep track of the shoes and then they met downstairs and got things set up for the arrival of their friends.

Just after five-thirty, the doorbell rang and Noah went to get it, because he was the closest and when he opened the door, he had to do a double take, because the girl on the other side looked a lot like Rachel. "Whoa, hi!" He shook from his daze, "you must be Anna."

"I am," Anna nodded, "and you must be Noah," she smiled, stepping into the house with a bag over her shoulder.

"You're right. When Rachel said you guys looked alike, I didn't realize how much," he commented, closing the door.

Anna smiled, "yeah, it's one of the reasons why we're pretty sure David is Rachel's biological father," she admitted.

Now that she had stepped inside, she was near Noah and he could tell she was the same height as Rachel and had the same hair color and style. With similar facial features the only difference between them he really saw was that Anna wore a pair of black rimmed glasses. "I definitely agree, now that I see you," he nodded.

"You're here!" Rachel skipped over and hugged her, "I'm so glad you made it!"

Returning her hug, Anna smiled, "I wouldn't miss this for the world!"

"Thanks! So, Noah's sister is staying here tonight also, so she's using the room across from mine. You can take the one next to mine," she explained. "You wanna drop your bags off and then meet us down here? We've got a lot to talk about."

"Sounds good," Anna nodded, patting her bag, "I'll be right back."


Anna went upstairs long enough to drop her bag off in the guest room Rachel was talking about and then returned downstairs to greet her uncles and meet Arin and Deborah. The two Puckermans had a similar reaction to Anna and Rachel looking a lot a like. Rachel and Anna were used to being compared and told the story about being asked once if they were twins.

Since everyone would be there around six, they made sure things were ready and just before six the doorbell rang. Rachel got up and went to answer it, finding Finn, Quinn and an older woman she vaguely recognized, all three of them holding large boxes that looked like they were from a bakery, "hey. What's up?"

"Hey, Rachel. This is my mom Carole. Mom, this is Rachel," Finn said.

"Oh, hi! I thought I recognized you," Rachel smiled, "what is all this?"

"We have met briefly before," Carole smiled, "nice to see you again. Deborah asked me to join you all with cake samples. She thought you could kill two birds with one stone."

"That's a great idea!" Rachel smiled, reaching out to take a few of the boxes, "oh wow, you brought a lot. This is going to be fun."

"Did I hear cake samples?" Noah wondered, joining them at the door and taking some of the boxes before everyone came inside and moved into the kitchen to find a place to set them.

"I hope it's alright that I invited Carole over. I just thought it'd save you guys some time," Deborah commented.

"Oh that's quite alright. Carole's welcome anytime," Rachel replied with a smile, "and as I said when they first got here, it's a great idea."

"And we get cake out of it, too," Arin added with a grin.

Carole laughed lightly, "thanks for the welcome. I brought over a large variety of cake that we do. Each of them have the frosting we usually use with them, but we can switch those around," she explained.

"Okay, sounds great!" Rachel nodded.


They'd also brought over a dish, so once that was put with the other food and the cake boxes were settled in the kitchen, Rachel and Noah introduced everyone who hadn't met and the new arrivals took their jackets off, before everyone moved into the living room to sit down. Once they were seated, someone knocked on the door and Rachel got up to answer it, finding Tina and Mike on the other side of the door with dishes in their hand. Welcoming them, she helped them taking everything to the food table and got their jackets off and as they joined the large group, Matt, Mercedes and Dave arrived. Emma and Will were the last to get there and Rachel made sure she introduced her cousin to everyone and they all had a similar reaction; surprise and thinking they were twins.

Piling plates with food, everyone retook their seats around the living room and started eating. Even though it was a way for everyone to hang out, they also had another reason to be there, so while they ate, Rachel told them what they'd already planned or got started on and mentioned the cake for later on.

The shoes idea came up and everyone thought it was neat and original. Understanding they couldn't get shoes for everyone, the friends who also wanted to wear them were willing to pay for their shoes. Rachel hadn't mentioned them going to New York the next day, but it came up when she explained they were going to try to get the shoes that weekend, with the help of her friend who manages the store in New York. Everyone gave Arin their shoe size, who wanted them and some of them gave them a check or cash if they had it on them and some said they'd give it to them when they got back.

In talking about the trip, Anna offered to take them to the airport and Rachel appreciated the offer, and admitted it had been a thought, but they explained what they were going to do and Anna understood.

Rachel explained what else they'd be doing on the trip and she admitted she wanted to surprise Kurt, so no one called him, but they did call Artie about the shoes and he liked the idea, so Arin put his name down and her list was complete, aside from the people who lived in New York.

With that all settled, Noah suggested they get into the cake and soon Carole and Deborah were cutting up different flavored cakes and passing them around, making sure Rachel and Noah each got a chance to taste them.

With so many cakes, Rachel had to write down all the ones they tried and no one hated any of them; everyone there loved cake. Knowing they couldn't have all the cakes for their wedding, Rachel and Noah started out by crossing off the ones they thought were just 'okay', leaving the ones they really liked. There were several still on the list, but they shared four in common, so they decided they'd go with those, since their cake would be tiered, giving them room to have more than one flavor.

Carole wrote down their choices to save for later, when they could talk about design and everything else, but now they'd gotten a big step closer to having the cake picked out.


When the cake decision had been made, Quinn asked if there was anything else Rachel needed help with and she admitted she needed help with flowers, music and the catering menu. Tina offered to help with the flowers, because she'd been planning for hers and knew who to talk to about them and also had an idea of what they'd need. Rachel happily thanked her and noted to call Tina later in the week to get together to talk about them.

Since Rachel, Kurt and Mercedes had similar tastes in some music, Mercedes said she'd help get music put together and would get Kurt, Matt and Finn to help, to make sure they got a mix of music that Rachel and Noah liked. Noah thanked her for having that idea, glad he wouldn't have to listen to show tunes all day. Noah's comment made the room laugh and Rachel even agreed, admitting she wanted the music to be a mix of theirs, so he was glad she wasn't mad at his comment.

Quinn, Deborah and Carole offered to help with the catering. Deborah knew a little bit about it already, since Rachel had talked about it, and then Rachel explained to Carole and Quinn the same thing, about wanting simple snacks, no alcohol and using sparkling apple cider in place of champagne. At first everyone was shocked about not having alcohol, but once Noah and Rachel explained that it came part from Figgins request, from the two of them not drinking much and from the time of day they were having it, their friends understood and promised to respect their choices.

"I suppose now all we have to take care of what the bridal party is going to wear. We've got the shoes idea down and Kurt is making my dress, so we're going to stop by his place and let him get the rest of my measurements. Now we just need suits for the guys and dresses for girls," Rachel commented.

"We can deal with that," David said, "since dad and I need to get suits, we can do that all at once. Just tell us what you're thinking."

"Great idea, daddy," Rachel smiled, "since we're going with red shoes, I think black suits, white shirts and red ties to match the shoes," she added, looking at her fiancé, "what do you think?"

"That sounds good. I'm open for almost anything," Noah replied with a shrug, "we can deal with all that once we get back, too."

"I know, but we still should be thinking about it," she commented, "and I should start looking for dresses. I guess we could check out stores here in town this coming week and if we don't have any luck, head to Columbus next weekend."

"There really isn't anything here," Mercedes admitted, "I had to get bridesmaids gowns from Columbus and I think that's where Tina is going, too."

Tina nodded, "yeah. There isn't much to choose from here. Columbus is your best choice."

"Okay, that saves a step. Then I guess we're going down there next weekend," Rachel commented.

"I'll look up the addresses to some of the shops. I know my way around town pretty well, so you could meet me at my place and we could go," Anna suggested.

"That's a great idea," Rachel grinned, "we'll have to figure out what day works better; we'll do that this week," she added.

Anna nodded, "okay. Just call or text me."


Dave, Will and Emma, since they worked at McKinley, offered to help out with dealing with preparations at McKinley, the set-up and organization, since between the three of them, they had access to every place in the school, so they wouldn't have to deal with locked doors.

Happy for that help, Rachel felt really excited that everything seemed to be falling into place; some things were decided on and others had a good start and she knew in the next few weeks more things would come together and soon they'd be getting married.

Even though it was only nine, Rachel, Arin and Noah had an early morning ahead of them, because they needed to be at the airport around eight-thirty in the morning, and with a two hour drive, they'd have to get up early to leave the Berry's by six-thirty.

Everyone pitched into help clean up so Rachel's dads were not left with a big mess the next day and Carole split up the cakes so others could take some home, so they didn't have to leave it all at the Berry's. It didn't take too long before their friends were saying 'goodnight' and heading home until the last person to leave was Deborah.

"You've got your ID, right?" Deborah asked Arin.

"Yes, I do," Arin nodded.

"And you did all your homework, right?"

"Yes, mom, I did all my homework before we came over tonight," Arin assured her.

Deborah wrapped her arms around Arin, "you listen to Noah and Rachel and don't go wandering off alone, okay?"

"I promise," Arin nodded, hugging Deborah, "we'll be fine."

"That's what I'm hoping, but I still worry," she said honestly, moving to Noah, hugging him, "you guys call us when you get there and keep an eye on your sister," she warned him.

"I won't let anything happen to Arin or Rachel, I promise, mom, don't worry," he assured her, pressing a kiss to her forehead as they hugged.

Deborah took a deep breath, "I'm trying not to," she replied, hugging Rachel, "but it's hard."

"We'll be home Sunday night and talk on the phone a few times this weekend, so just relax," Noah told her.

"I'll call when we get to the airport, too, because I'm sure you'll be up by then," Arin added.

"I'm sure I'll be up at my usual time, so you can call when you leave here, too," Deborah replied.

Noah slipped his arm around her shoulders and guided her closer to the door, "it's alright, mom. We'll call sometime tomorrow morning on our way to the airport, so just go home, relax and get some sleep."

"Okay, you're right. I love you guys, see you soon and have a safe trip," she replied, putting her jacket on.

Arin gave her another hug, "love you, too, mom."

Deborah smiled and then nodded at everyone before reluctantly heading outside and going to her car.

Noah and Arin watched her leave and when she wasn't in view anymore, they came back in and joined Anna, David, Rachel and Alan in the kitchen. "Bedtime?" Noah asked Rachel, unsure if she wanted to stay up later to spend time with her cousin.

"Yeah, I think we should. Anna and I were just discussing that. We'd like to hang out more, but since we've gotta get up early, we can catch up later," Rachel explained.

"Alright, it's up to you," Noah shrugged.


Saying 'goodnight', the six all headed up to their various rooms and agreed to get up sometime around four, hoping that would be enough time to get ready to go.

When Noah and Rachel walked into her room and Noah closed the door behind him, Rachel turned around and wrapped her arms around his waist, "I had fun tonight," she admitted, kissing his lips gently.

"Me too," he agreed, "it's great to get together with everyone. The cake was definitely a change, though," he added, grinning as he slipped his arms around her, "though I'm not complaining."

"Neither am I. Your mom had a great idea to invite Carole over so she could bring them. Definitely one less detail we have to take care of," she agreed, guiding him towards the bed.

"Do you have everything ready you're going to take?" Noah asked, realizing she hadn't done any packing.

Rachel motioned to the bag on her desk, "I'm just taking my purse. I can put our notebook in it and I'll have my phone. That should be all I need, since I'll have other clothes to come back in at home. I figure if I do have other things I want to bring back, we can ship them; it'd be the easiest. I've done that before."

"Oh yeah, I guess it would be easier. The UPS store here in town is open on Sunday, so yeah, that's a good idea," Noah agreed, pressing a kiss to her lips. "Did you get Kurt's address tonight?"

"Yes," Rachel nodded, "Mercedes and Carole knew it off the top of their heads."

"Cool. Do you think that will be our first stop when we get there, after we drop our things off at your place?"

"Yeah, that's what I was thinking. I don't know his plans, but I thought once we got to my place, I could call and talk to him for a little bit and then when we're done talking, head over to his place and surprise him. After he gets the measurements and we talk a little, we can see if he wants to go with us to the store and I'll have Brooke call Ian, Tammy and Courtney to have them come down to meet us. After that, we should be able to go to dinner or something. I thought if we can get everything taken care of on Saturday, Sunday we can spend doing a few sightseeing things until we have to be at the airport. I mean, it is your first trip to NYC and same with Arin," Rachel explained, taking a seat on the bed.

"That'd be cool, but we still need to make sure we take care of what we're going there for. If we have time to go sightseeing, that'd be great, but if we don't, there's always time after we get married," he replied honestly.

"There is," Rachel agreed, shifting closer to him and wrapping her arms around his neck, "I love you, Noah. I can't express how excited I am that we're getting married."

Noah grinned, "it's going to be epic," he assured her, kissing her gently, "I love you, too."


This chapter is dedicated, in loving memory, to my dog... It was written during the time when she got sick and we had to make the tough decision to put her to sleep. I love and miss her so much!


A/N7: I hope you guys enjoyed! I didn't realize it'd been almost two months since my last update. I'm so sorry about that. I've been sick and I'm finally on antibiotics, so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.

A/N8: Funny coincidence... This chapter was written in mid-January and it's been discussed that they're wearing Converse for their shoes at the wedding... In mid-February, Mark went to the opening of the Santa Monica Converse store!

A/N9: Thank you, everyone, for sticking with me. It really means a lot! Love you all! I promise that no matter what, I will always continue to write Puckleberry. Even if the show sucks now and I'm disgusted with how it's turned out. Even if Puckleberry will never get another chance, I will continue to write and ship them, so don't worry. I'm not going anywhere!

A/N10: After updating this story last, I posted two Lark (Lea/Mark RPF) fics. They are only posted on my LJ (RPF is against FF's rules) and you're welcome to read/comment without having an LJ account. If you'd like me to message you when I update them again, I can do that, just let me know. The links are below. Both fics are going to be part of a WIP series, AU after 1/1/2012 and the end of 3x11 - Michael.

'Breaking The Rules' - Lea and Mark finally get to spend a New Year's Eve together!

'Something To Talk About' - continued from 'Breaking The Rules' - After the events of New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, Mark and Lea definitely have a lot to talk about.


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