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Title: Broken Road, Part 14/?
Author: Sapphire (SapphiresFic)
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: Puck, Rachel, Puck/Rachel, Puckleberry
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6,286
Spoilers: Up to 1x22 ~ Journey; just to be safe
Series: 'Broken Road' (List of all the parts on my LJ)
Fic Table prompt: #47 - Protection (table at my journal here).
Summary1: Rachel visits her dads in Lima for the holidays, gets pulled over, her ex from NYC stalks her, threatening her life and the cop who pulled her over helps protect her... For fic table prompt #47-Protection. (Story: T/PG-13. Ch. 10-12: M/R for content.)
Summary2: Rachel and Noah plan for their NYC trip and he goes to the doctor.
Disclaimer: I am just borrowing them for the fun of writing, BUT I do own the plot, ideas and original characters.
A/N: I edited this, so all mistakes are mine.
A/N2: Feedback keeps me writing, so please comment or review. :D
A/N3: Title comes from 'Blessed The Broken Road' a song by Rascal Flatts. I do not own it, just borrowing for the fic.


A/N4: A super-belated, but much anticipated, birthday fic for a good friend of mine, PKteach. I wanted to write her a birthday fic, and this is from an idea she gave me.
A/N5: The Gleeks were Juniors in high school when Quinn was pregnant.
A/N6: AU after 1x22 ~ Journey, but contains a relationship that began in 2x01 ~ Auditions.


Please read: After posting Chapter 13, I realized that this story, as a whole, is 'T/PG-13'. Only chapters 10, 11 and 12 focus on and deal with Rachel's attempted rape. In thinking about the direction for this story, I realized I won't have any adult content in it and don't want to hide 'T/PG-13' content behind a higher rating, just for a few chapters, so I have returned the main rating on FanFiction dot net to 'T' and have reposted those chapters to add a special note about them having higher rated content, in case that is a concern for others.


Rachel woke up by six in the morning, with her mind filled with thoughts and ideas for their wedding and impromptu trip to NYC. Immediately, she got up to get her notebook and returned to bed, jotting everything down on a blank page, so she wouldn't forget, while Noah continued to sleep next to her. She knew she should give herself some time to wake up before she jumped right into planning again, but she was excited now that things were really being decided for the wedding and not just being talked about.

"Right now I need to focus on my dress, all the shoes we've got to get, because I know those are going to be the hardest to find; I sure hope Brooke can help us," she thought, flipping through her notes, "I need to ask Tammy if she'll be my other bridesmaid, too. If we go to New York, I can do that there, if not, I'll have to call her soon to ask. I wonder if Noah has asked the guys to be part of the wedding, or he's just assuming... Or do those four have some sort of unwritten bond that makes it an automatic thing?" She smirked at her idea and returned her focus to her notes, "if Noah calls Rabbi Goodman today, I hope we can get in to see him tomorrow, so that will be settled. We need to go to the courthouse to get a license. We better find out if there is a waiting period, too. Dad will know," she wrote a quick note in the corner of one of her pages to ask him, "I also need to get the paperwork to change my name. That's going to be a bit of a mess, but at least my stage name is my first and middle name, so I don't have to worry about that. I guess the other big thing we need to figure out is dresses and suits. I don't think Noah and the guys need to wear an elaborate tux, but still a black suit and their ties should be red, since our colors are red and white."

Setting her notepad down, she got up again, this time to get her laptop and returned to bed, being careful that she didn't wake Noah, then opened it up and went online to the Converse website, "okay let's see. What are those shoes called?" She wondered, scrolling through the menus until she saw a picture of them and clicked on it, "wow, I didn't realize they came in all those colors," she skimmed through the color selections until she came to the black and white ones they always wore and next to the black option was red and as she clicked on it, she gasped, "oh they're perfect!"

Feeling movement in bed, Noah had slowly began to wake up, concerned about Rachel, but when he heard her return to bed and start writing on paper, he knew what she was doing - wedding plans. He loved that she was focused on them and seemed to be through the worst part of what happened a few days prior, but he still wished she'd wait until a little later in the day to start working on them.

Staying where he was, he tried to doze back to sleep, even though she'd gotten up and returned with her laptop. Keeping his eyes closed, he hadn't seen what she was doing, but when he heard her gasp, his eyes flew open, and then he groaned at the bright computer screen, "babe, what gives? It's not even seven in the morning."

"I'm sorry, Noah, but look! They're prefect!" She grinned, turning the computer so he could see the screen.

"Whoa! Hold up, I just opened my eyes," he immediately closed his eyes to block them from the bright screen. Rubbing and opening them again, he squinted at the screen, "I thought you wanted to wear the black ones," he commented, vaguely making out the shape of the red and white Converse shoes.

"Well, I didn't realize they came in all these colors and they have red ones. It's the McKinley red we're going with and they have white soles and a few thin black stripes around the sides, so they'd tie in with black suits perfectly. They still will be something from our time in Glee, but our version; it's the shoes I remember, not the color, because we wore all white once and one time we wore all black, too," she explained, then saw him squinting and blushed, quickly closing the laptop, "I'm so sorry," she leaned down and pressed a kiss to his forehead, "I didn't mean to wake you up. I just woke up and had ideas and thought I'd get an early start."

Smirking at her change in mood when she realized what she'd done, he shrugged, "yeah, I get it," he agreed, "but it is a day off for me, so I don't usually like getting up extra early... Seven or eight, maybe, but definitely not at," he glanced at the clock, "six-thirty."

Rachel shifted things so she could lay back down next to him, "I'm sorry," she said again, kissing him gently, "forgive me?"

Noah eyed her, but smiled, "yeah, I can do that," he agreed, slipping and arm around her, "I guess we did go to bed a little early last night."

"True," she nodded, "and I did want to get up and talk to my dads about our trip before they went to work, which is part of the reason I didn't stay asleep."

"Oh yeah," he nodded, now more awake than he had been.

"Do you not want to go?" Rachel wondered, concerned that it was rushing things.

"Go to New York? I don't mind, but it's for the reason. Shoes," he smirked, "I don't think I've ever made a special trip anywhere for a pair of shoes."

Rachel couldn't help giggling lightly, "well, when you put it like that it does sound a little crazy, but shoes is just one of the reasons. Kurt, I don't think, is coming home until closer to Christmas and I can't wait until then to get him my measurements, so there is that."

"Yeah," Noah shifted to sit up on his elbow a little, "I know. And I can meet your friends, too," he replied, "which will be cool to meet them before they show up for the wedding," he agreed.

"It will be," she nodded and relaxed in bed, "do you want to get up with me and go talk to dad and daddy or are you going to stay in bed?"

"I'll get up," he told her, "I'm already awake," he smirked, kissing her forehead, "because someone decided to work in bed."

Blushing at his comment, she ducked her head, "I said I was sorry. I had thoughts I wanted to write down and then I started looking through notes and realized I should look online to find out what Converse I wanted," she explained.

"You know I'm just teasing you. I understand. I get we have to make arrangements as soon as we can and something as big as these shoes will be important, because we may have to special order them. How many are we getting anyway?" He wondered.

"Well," she reached for her notebook, "the bridal party makes eight, and I think our parents should have them, so that's three more, and Tina, Mercedes, Quinn and Kurt may want to wear them, too, so that's another four, my other three friends in New York also may want to have them, so that could be another three, so it could be close to twenty."

Noah's mouth dropped open in shock, seeing huge dollar signs flash in his mind, "hang on," he murmured, shifting and getting out of bed. Heading to the bathroom to take care of business, it gave himself a moment to gather his thoughts and when he returned to her room, he grabbed for a pair of sweat pants to put on, "twenty pairs? Do you realize that those are like fifty bucks each?" He wondered, trying not to freak out.

Rachel nodded, expecting his reaction, but had a plan, "yes, I do," she motioned to her computer, "which is why I was hoping Brooke could help us get a discount. Also, I figured we'd only buy the shoes for our bridal party, my dads and your mom. That's eleven pairs and then if anyone else wants them, they'll have to pay for them. They can either give us the money on Friday night or pay us back when we get home as long as we make sure we get their shoe size."

"Oh, well, that's not so bad. I don't mind doing that," he agreed, relaxing, "I just was thinking that's a lot of money for shoes. I do know that either way the bridal party would have to get matching shoes, but for the others, it'd be their own choice."

"Exactly, which is why I'm fine with buying them for our bridal party and parents. Speaking of bridal party, have you even asked the guys or are you waiting to do that?" She asked curiously.

"I've asked them. I asked Matt on Monday at work and then talked to Finn and Mike on the phone the same day, before you and I met at McKinley," he explained.

"Awesome. I can check that off the list," she smiled, picking up the paper and flipping to that page and writing something down, "great! Let's go talk to dad and daddy and then when they leave, we can get ready for the day. Don't forget you said you'd call Rabbi Goodman before your doctor's appointment."

"I won't," he assured her, "I'll call him after we shower and get dressed."

"Okay, that works," she nodded and slid from bed, grabbing warm clothes to put on since it was still early and would be cool in the house.

Throwing on a hoodie and slipping his feet into tennis shoes, Noah waited for Rachel and then the two headed downstairs to find David was already downstairs, but Alan hadn't come down yet. "Morning, daddy," Rachel smiled, moving to greet him with a hug and a kiss.

"Good morning you two, I didn't expect you would be up so early," David admitted, returning her hug and nodding at Noah.

"Neither did I," Noah replied.

Rachel giggled lightly, "I had some ideas I wanted to write down and then got my laptop out, so that woke him up and we also wanted to talk to you and dad before you go to work."

"Oh yeah? About what?" David asked, pouring a cup of coffee.

"A quick trip to New York this weekend," she said simply.

"Whoa? Really? Why?" David wondered.

"Can we wait until dad comes down, so I don't have to explain twice?" She asked hopeful.

"Of course," David nodded, "he should be down in a few minutes."


When Alan finally joined them, he also was surprised to see Noah and Rachel up, but she told him the same thing she'd said to David and once they all had coffee and various forms of breakfast, she and Noah began to explain, Rachel doing most of the talking.

David and Alan were just as concerned about Rachel returning to New York, so soon after everything happened, but she assured them she'd be fine and Noah was going with her, she'd help her out if she had problems.

The dads had several questions about such a sudden trip, but once Rachel got a chance to explain everything, including meeting with Kurt to get all the measurements for her dress, and her shoe idea, with one of her friends managing the New York store, David and Alan agreed that if they were serious about wanting to go there, they'd help them out with the cost of the trip and shoes, so they didn't have to spend so much all up front.

Appreciating the offer, they took them up on it and agreed that once they got home from work that night, they'd make the flight arrangements. Rachel mentioned her cousin staying Friday night, so she could take them to the airport, but her dads suggested something else. She and Noah could take her rental car to the airport, return it and when they come back, rent another one. Rachel hadn't thought of that idea, and she and Noah liked it, so they decided to do that because they wouldn't need anyone to come pick them up.

Finishing up their conversation, David and Alan had to get going to work, so they said 'goodbye' and promised to help them with everything that night.

Once the two dads were gone, Rachel and Noah headed upstairs to get ready for the day. As promised, when Noah finished getting dressed, he called Rabbi Goodman and was able to set up a meeting with him the next day, to talk about their plans and the ceremony. Rachel was happy they could see him so soon and check that off her list, and then created a text message to send to Finn, Quinn, Matt, Mercedes, Tina, Mike, Dave, Will and Emma about the party at her house the next night around six and within an hour she had a response back that they all would be there.

Glad they all could make it, Rachel got an idea and decided to call Tammy, the first real friend she made in New York, to ask her to be a bridesmaid, just so it was done and she didn't forget to ask her. When Tammy answered, she admitted she didn't have a long time to talk, so Rachel got to the point of her call and she happily agreed to be a bridesmaid. Keeping the trip to New York a secret for the moment and also not saying anything about what happened in the past few days, Rachel and Tammy hung up and she was relieved that she accepted.

Noah was glad things seemed to be coming together well for everything and hoped their trip New York was successful. He was looking forward to seeing somewhere besides Ohio, even if it was only for a weekend. He'd grown to like being in Ohio and wasn't sure he'd ever be able to leave; especially with his job. He knew it wasn't just a job until he found something better; it was a career to him and it wasn't something he could just change with a quick decision and knew he'd have a lot of thinking to be doing really soon.


With everything they were doing in the morning, time ticked by and soon it was time to leave for his doctor's appointment. Once the two arrived at his clinic, he checked in and they took a seat in the waiting room. "I don't remember this being this name," Rachel admitted.

"What do you mean?" He asked.

"I remember this clinic building being here, but I don't remember it being called 'St. Rita's Medical Clinic'," she explained.

"Oh, yeah about three year's ago the hospital bought the building when the clinic that had been here moved across town. Now most of the doctors who just saw daily patients and didn't deal with emergencies or surgeries, moved over here to free up space for more hospital rooms," he motioned to the hospital. "Mom now works here. Better hours and doesn't have to deal with emergencies anymore," he added.

"I bet that must be a relief," Rachel commented, "for her and you and your sister. I've heard horror stories about working in an ER."

"Yeah, it can be scary," he agreed.

Nodding, she was quiet a moment and then took his hand, "thanks for doing this. You don't have to, but I appreciate it," she said softly, knowing the reason why he had the appointment in the first place.

He smiled at her and squeezed her hand gently, "you don't have to thank me. I want to do this for us," he assured her.

Before either could say anymore, a nurse came out and called his name, so he got up and Rachel went with him. Pausing to get his weight and height, they went the rest of the way towards an exam room, passing a nursing station and heard a familiar voice. Looking over the counter, they found Deborah was talking on the phone; she gave them a curious look, waving at them, before returning to whoever she was talking to.

Inside the exam room, the nurse took Noah's vitals and then excused herself, promising the doctor would be in shortly, "mom will be in within two minutes," he grinned.

"She was working. Didn't you tell her why you were coming here?" Rachel wondered.

"I didn't even tell her about the appointment," he smirked.

"Noah! How can you hide something like that from her?"

"I wasn't hiding. I just had other things on my mind besides the appointment," he replied, hearing a knock and then looked up to see his mom come in, "hey mom," he said, turning to Rachel, "told you."

"I swear, I thought he told you!" Rachel said honestly.

Deborah laughed lightly, "well, I've gotten used to the surprise at seeing him come in for appointments, though usually it's for a work physical or because he's sick. This time, not so sure. Everything alright?"

"Yeah," Noah nodded, "just want to get the test done."

"The test? What one?" She asked, not realizing what he was hinting at.

"I wanna make sure I'm clean before Rachel and I have sex for the first time," he said deciding to not beat around the bush, "she's never done that before, and it's been a while since I was tested, so I just want to make sure I'm not gonna give her anything."

Though used to her job as a nurse, most things didn't make her blush, but as a mom, things were different, so hearing her son talk about that, her cheeks turned as red as the shoes they had been looking at that morning, "I see. That's a very good idea," she smiled, giving him a half hug, "and also makes me very happy to know Arin has you to look up to," she added, moving to sit next to Rachel, "I really hope she follows your lead."

Rachel smiled at her, "me too and I'm sure she will," she replied.

"When is your lunch, mom?" Noah asked, wanting to change the subject. "Would you like to go to lunch after I'm done here? Rachel and I have something we need to talk to you about," he said.

"Oh?" She glanced at them and didn't seem to feel like anything was wrong, "my lunch starts at twelve-thirty and goes until one-thirty, so we could. You should be done by then," she admitted, glancing at her watch to see it was just before noon. "Everything alright?"

"Yeah, nothing to worry about," Rachel assured her.

Before Deborah could respond, Noah's doctor stepped into the room, "hey, Noah. I hear congratulations are in order," Dr. Stevens commented. "You're getting married. Is this your fiancé?" He asked, seeing Rachel next to Deborah.

"It is," Noah nodded, taking a moment to introduce them.

"So, what brings you in today, because you don't seem sick," the doctor asked curiously.

"Given my history of sleeping around and knowing that Rachel's never been with anyone, I'd like you to check and see if I'm clean. I know I was a few years ago, but I have been with a few since then; not in a while, though. I definitely don't want to give Rachel something," Noah explained.

"I see. That's very understandable and a good idea," he nodded, sitting down to take some notes, "do you have any symptoms or concerns that would make you think you have anything wrong or is this just a precaution?"

"Just a precaution," Noah assured him and everyone in the room.

"Good, okay," the doctor filled out a piece of paper, checking off several options, placed a sticker corresponding to Noah's file onto it and then double checked he had everything selected that he wanted tested, "I don't see a need to do an exam, so just take this to the lab and they'll know what to do. We should have the results in a few days and if anything comes up, I'll let you know," he told him, handing him the paper.

Noah nodded, taking the paper, "alright. Thanks."


Since they didn't need to come back to the room, Noah and Rachel stepped out first, followed by Dr. Stevens and Deborah. Everyone coming to a stop next to the nurse's station, Deborah said she'd return to work while Noah went to the lab and when he was done, they could come get her and then they'd go to lunch. Nodding at her suggestion, Rachel and Noah headed out of the office and Rachel followed him to the lab. Noah checked in and then they took a seat in the small waiting area with a few others.

Waiting patiently, Noah was called in just a short time, so Rachel waited for him where they were sitting. He was gone about ten minutes and when he returned he had a piece of medical tape holding down a cotton ball where his blood had been drawn. Getting his jacket on, the two went to get Deborah and soon the three were on their way to a local restaurant to have lunch.

The couple talked to his mom about their idea and the plans to go to New York for the weekend and her reaction was just like David and Alan's, concerned, but understood why and was supportive of the trip.

Glad she was okay with their ideas, they finished up lunch and got her back to the clinic just before her lunch break was over, promising she and Arin would be over once she got home from work.

As soon as she was inside the building, Noah pulled away from the curb and though Rachel thought he was going right back to her place, she realized he wasn't when he took a different turn, "Noah, where are we going?" She asked curiously.

"I want dessert," he commented with a grin, "so we're going to get ice cream."

Rachel laughed lightly, "ice cream? But it's almost freezing outside."

"Good thing I'm around to keep you warm," he winked at her.

"There is that," she smiled, "I suppose we could go get something, though we both should be watching what we eat. With the holidays coming up, it's going to be hard to steer clear of all the sweet stuff and we are getting married a week after Christmas," she reminded him.

"Yeah, I know. I like to splurge about once a month on one of the fancy Cold Stone concoctions, and I think we should go out and treat ourselves; we've got time to burn the calories," he replied, glancing at her as he pulled up to the ice cream shop he was talking about.

"I've never been here before," she admitted, looking inside. "How does this work?"

Noah raised a curious eyebrow at her, "well, you go in, and they have pre-made combinations you can order or you can make your own. You pick what kind of ice cream you want, along with what you want in it and they mix it all together on a cold stone, then you get it in a cup, cone or other choices," he explained, "simple. Come on."

"Oh, so it's like a frozen yogurt bar," she commented hopping out and meeting him in the front of the SUV.

"I suppose it is. Never been to one of those," he replied, taking her hand and guiding her towards the door. Pulling it open, they stepped inside and he motioned to the line, but she made him go first, "it's not that hard, babe."

"Yes, I know, but I don't have any idea what I want. Give me a minute," she grinned, glancing up at the large menu.

Since school hadn't gotten out yet, it was quieter than usual, so the line moved pretty quickly and soon Noah was up ordering what he wanted; plain ice cream with a large variety of things in it, and Rachel went with one of their pre-made ideas.

Paying for their ice creams, the two returned to his SUV and went back to her dads' house, wanting to get comfortable. Kicking their shoes off, they sat back on the couch with their feet up to eat their ice cream and talk, "so, I had an idea while we were talking to your mom," Rachel commented.

"Really? About what?" He wondered.

"What would you think about asking Arin to come with us?" She asked curiously.

Pausing his spoon halfway to his mouth, he stared at her, "you mean this weekend, right?"

"Yeah, I do. She's my maid of honor and I'd love to have her along; I think it'd be fun. I'm sure she's never been out of Ohio before and she won't miss school. I don't have a second bed in my other bedroom, but she could sleep on my couch. I know she's under eighteen, but you are her older brother, so as long as your mom has given you permission to take her out of the state, I can't see there being a problem," she told him, "I almost asked at lunch when I thought of it, but I wanted to ask you first, so if you're alright with it, I was thinking of bringing it up tonight at dinner."

Listening to what she said and contemplating her idea, Noah weighed their options, "yeah, she is your maid of honor, so this should be something she's involved in, especially since you'll be talking to Kurt about your dress," he took a deep breath, "if mom is alright with it and she can manage her homework, then I'd be alright with her joining us," he smiled.

"Really? Great!" Rachel grinned, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

"Yeah, just ask your dads first. Make sure they're cool, since they're gonna help with the flights and all," he added.

"I will," she nodded, shifting a little to press a kiss to his lips, "I love you."

"Love you, too, babe," he smiled, licking his lips and getting a faint taste of blueberries from them and he knew he hadn't gotten them in his ice cream, "what kind did you get?"

She looked at her half eaten cup of ice cream, "it was called 'Berry Berry Berry Good' (1). It has raspberries, strawberries and blueberries in it. It's very good."

"I think I found a new one to try," he admitted, "or maybe I'm just partial to the name," he winked, slipping an arm around her shoulders and pulling her closer to him.

Rachel blushed, settling against his chest, and then held the cup up to him, "I don't mind sharing."

He smirked, but took her cup and handed her his, "neither do I."


Neither finishing off their ice cream right away, they put it in the freezer before it melted any more and started on dinner. As promised, when David and Alan arrived home, Rachel asked them about Arin joining them on their trip and the two men agreed it was a great idea, saying as long as Deborah was alright with it, they'd be okay with Arin going along.

When Arin and Deborah arrived, a little after five-thirty, Rachel kept from asking them right away, waiting until they were all seated around the dinning room table for dinner.

"Hey, Arin. Do you have any plans this weekend?" Rachel asked curiously.

"No, why? You need help with something?" Arin wondered.

"Well, yes. Kind of," Rachel glanced at Noah, "Noah and I decided that the entire bridal party and our parents are going to be wearing red Converse at the wedding and I have a friend who works at the Converse store in New York, so he and I are going to take a trip to New York on Saturday; we'll be back Sunday," Rachel started.

"Okay, that's cool. I've never heard of that, but I do like those shoes," she admitted with a smile, "so where do I come in?"

"How would you like to come to New York with us?" Rachel asked her with a smile, "this came up after we talked to your mom today and we've already talked to my dads, so if you're mom is alright with it and you're able to deal with your homework, we'd like you to come along. I also have a job for you, too."

Arin's mouth fell open in shock, "you... you want me to go with you? To New York? The Big Apple? Of course I want to go!" She turned to Deborah, "can I? Please?" She begged.

"Wow, um, I don't know," she thought for a moment, "it is a big trip; you've hardly been away from home, except to visit family," she reminded her, "and for some sleepovers with friends," Deborah blushed, for the first time really facing her daughter growing up. "Are you sure you're ready to go?"

"I am," Arin nodded, "I'll be with Noah and Rachel; family," she told her, "and Noah's not going to let anything happen to us. Please, mom," Arin asked hopeful.

Taking a deep breath, Deborah gathered her thoughts and nodded, "I... If Noah and Rachel are alright with you joining them, I... I suppose it would be alright, if you're caught up on your homework and don't have any big tests coming up soon that you need to study for," she gave in, knowing she would be safe with Noah.

"Awesome!" Arin grinned brightly and leaned over to hug her, "thank you!"

"You're welcome," Deborah smiled, "just promise me you'll listen to Noah and Rachel and not go wandering off on your own," she said, then turned to her son, "and don't let her out of her sight."

"Nothing will happen to her," Noah promised.

"Then we'll make all the arrangements after dinner," David said, "I hope you guys can get everything done in just the short time you'll be there," he commented.

"Me too," Rachel agreed, "like I told Noah. We'll have to make sure we manage our time, but I'm sure we'll be successful."

"What exactly are we doing?" Arin wondered.

Rachel went on to explain her plans to Arin and then remembered something, "Arin, I've got a job for you."

"You do? What is it?"

"Since we're not going to be able to afford to buy tons of shoes, we're only buying them for the bridal party and our parents. Anyone else that wants them, we will get them, but they're going to need to pay us either before we go or when we get back. Everyone, I think, who would want them will be here tomorrow night, aside from Artie, Kurt and my friends from New York, who we'll see there, so if you could just keep track of who has paid and what their shoe size is, I can deal with the rest. I'll even give you a list of names, so you don't have to come up with one," Rachel explained.

"Okay, I can do that," she nodded.

"Thanks," Rachel smiled, "I know it's gonna be a quick trip, but I'll make sure you guys enjoy yourselves," she added.


Excited for the trip, the rest of dinner was talking about arrangements and plans and when they had finished up, they all found themselves moving into the den, where Alan and David had their computers. Alan pulled up the travel website they used the most and started looking for flights to and from New York.

Since it was so close to their trip, there were only three non-stop flights to choose from and in looking at the times, they only had one option; to take one that left Columbus' airport at ten-thirty Saturday morning.

Thankfully the flight would only be two hours, and there were two options for return trips what were also the same length. Knowing they'd need some time Sunday afternoon to finish up everything they wanted to do, they picked a flight leaving NYC at six-pm at night, giving them the most time there and also getting them back to Ohio and a decent time, so Noah and Arin had a chance to get sleep before they had to be up early on Monday.

David and Alan paid for the flight, so they didn't have to deal with who would pay how much; they could deal with it later. Once the flights had been purchased, Arin asked about what she'd need to bring and for a short time Rachel talked to her about that, assuring her she didn't need to bring a lot since they wouldn't be gone too long. Rachel also mentioned to save from Deborah having to get up early and bring her over to Rachel's or for them to pick her up, Arin could also stay the night on Friday, so she was planning to do that.

Now needing to pack and finish homework, Arin and Deborah left around eight and headed home. "I should probably go get some stuff from my place. I haven't been there for a while," Noah admitted, once his mom and sister had left.

"Oh, do you want to go now or wait until tomorrow? I told everyone it was a pot-luck party and would need to plan for like fifteen or so people, since we're having a few more people over than what you guys usually had," she explained.

Noah raised a curious eyebrow at her, "what does that have to do with getting stuff from my place?"

She giggled, "sorry. I was going to add that we could go tomorrow before or after meeting with Rabbi Goodman, as long as we stop for groceries for the party," she admitted.

"Alright," Noah smirked, "that's cool. It makes more sense. I can gather up some of my clothes and stuff to rotate. Also need to get a bag to take on our trip."

"Okay, then let's get ready for bed and I can make that list up for Arin before we get to sleep," she admitted.

"I'll follow you," Noah nodded.


Saying 'goodnight' to her dads, Noah and Rachel headed up to her room. Before changing, Rachel took a seat at her desk and began writing out the list of names for Arin, marking down those in the bridal party, so she wouldn't get confused. Setting it aside and standing up, she found Noah kicked back on her bed in sweats and a t-shirt, "sorry, Noah. I guess I kind of spaced out and ignored you. I'm normally not as out of it."

"It's alright, babe," he said, motioning to the bed as a sign to join him, "you've got a lot of things on your mind. I don't blame you, though I am beginning to miss my XBox."

Sliding onto the bed next to him, she snuggled up against his chest, "I'm sure dad and daddy would be alright if you brought it over, if you wanted to. I know you have been spending your time here and not at your place. I'm sorry about this. Maybe we should be splitting our time between here and your place."

"I don't mind being here. Actually your dads have already said that I could bring it over if I wanted, but I just haven't been back there since we talked about it, so I'll make sure to bring it when we go over this time," he thought for a moment, "though my landlord is probably thinking I moved out or something," he smirked, "I should probably talk to him."

"It wouldn't hurt. I let my landlord know I was going to be gone for over a month and already paid my rent, so I didn't miss a month, you know?" She commented.

"Yeah, I'll talk to him tomorrow," he nodded, content to just lay there, but also was craving the rest of his ice cream, "you wanna go get the rest of our ice cream?" He wondered with a grin.

"Oh, I forgot about that! Sure!" She smiled, getting up and holding out her hand for him, "that was really good. We'll have to go back sometime."

"I'm sure that could be arranged," he agreed, taking her hand and pulling her to him before they left the room, "I know you're not usually focused on something as big as planning our wedding, but just do me a favor?"

Rachel rested a hand on his chest and smiled, "what's that?"

"Have fun. Relax and know that everything will work out. Every detail doesn't have to be planned today," he told her softly.

Letting his words sink in, she took a deep breath and nodded, "you're right and I promise I will do my best to have fun and relax. I know I need to and several times I've thought back to the night we went ice skating just for the fun of it. That was very memorable to me," she admitted, "I want more of that."

"That was a great night," he agreed, kissing her lips, "and I promise we will have many more times like that."

Standing on her tip toes, Rachel wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him lovingly, "sounds like a wonderful plan to me."


(1) 'Berry Berry Berry Good' is the name of one of Cold Stone's real 'Signature Creations'. - signature_creations


A/N7: Hope you guys enjoyed! I'm really excited for what is to come in this fic and I hope you guys continue the journey with me. Let me know what you think!

A/N8: For those of you who read the recent updates to 'Out of the Blue' and 'Starlight', and if you haven't, then I was hinting at writing and posting Lark fics (meaning real person fiction (RPF) with Lea Michele and Mark Salling). Since my last updates, I finally posted my first fic. It's called 'Breaking The Rules' (link here). I've decided it will be the beginning of a whole universe of fics for them going AU during Glee's '3x11-Michael' episode. Because RPF goes against FF's rules, it's only being posted on my LJ. I've mentioned it on my Tumblr account (EJ8302) and I've also updated my FF profile with the link and will continue doing that with all my other Lark fics. You're welcome to comment without having an LJ account on the fic there, or you can message me on Tumblr or FF. If you don't have either or want me to update you when I post them, send me a PM and we can discuss how I can let you know when I update them. (PS - I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the next Lark update, which should be ready soon!)

A/N9: I've become disgusted with Glee. I haven't watched an entire episode since season 3's Christmas episode and I don't think that will change. I haven't liked season 3 at all and I don't see the show getting any better in the future. They've ruined the characters I love. I am and always will be a Puckleberry shipper and now all I do is watch the show for Mark Salling, Lea Michele and Puckleberry or Lark moments. I will NOT stop writing Puckleberry (or Lark!), no matter what they do with the characters on the show, so don't worry that I'm going to stop writing - I won't! I love the characters too much to stop writing them, I promise! I also have tons of ideas that I won't give up on! ... Glee has cast Rachel's dads and they will first be shown in this week's episode, '3x13 - Heart'. Rachel's dads names will always be David and Alan Berry to me; David being the Jewish, light skinned dad and when I see David in my mind, I've always pictured Jeff Goldbum, so I was shocked to see he'd been cast as one of Rachel's dads. I think they have named his character Hiram, but to me he will always be David, which actually is the name of the character he played in Independence Day back in the 1990s. Just wanted to let you know that my stories will always have David and Alan as Rachel's dads, because the two men have grown on me so much that I won't change them to follow the show. I also thought I'd mention this, so you guys could share my mental image of David, if you didn't have one yet.

Converse note: When my best friend's little sister got married a few years ago, she, her now husband and their entire bridal party, wore Converse shoes with various colored laces. Her favorite color is orange, so she wore orange with navy blue laces. Her now husband wore navy blue with orange laces and and the rest of the bridal party wore brown Converse with various colored laces. I thought it was the best idea ever and knew I wanted to use it in this fic! So, thanks to her for the idea!


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