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Title: Returning Home, Part 14/?
Author: Sapphire ([ profile] sapphiresfic)
Fandom: Glee
Pairing/Characters: Puck, Rachel, Puck/Rachel, Rachel/Puck, Puckleberry
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 5,738
Spoilers: Up to 1x13 ~ Sectionals
Series: 'Returning Home' (List of all the parts on my LJ)
Fic Table prompt: #36 - Return (table at my journal here).
Summary1: Before Beth is born, Rachel and her fathers move away abruptly. Seven years later, she returns to Lima, finding things really changed after she left. Mention of major character death... For fic table prompt #36 - Return.
Summary2: Last minute preparations for the trip
Disclaimer: I am just borrowing them for the fun of writing, BUT I do own the plot, ideas and original characters.
A/N: I edited this, so all mistakes are mine.
A/N2: Feedback keeps me writing, so please comment or review. :D


A/N3: AU after 1x13 ~ Sectionals.
A/N4: Puck and Rachel were Juniors in high school when Quinn was pregnant.


When Thursday rolled around, Beth and Arin were excited; it was their last day of school, even though the rest of the Lima students didn't get out until the next day. Also, everyone else in the house would be done with work that day, because on Friday, they were heading down to Rachel's dads house for the night, before leaving for California Saturday, meaning Thursday was it to finish packing and getting ready to go.

Rachel's classes finished up early at the dance studio, so she got to go home a lot earlier than normal, giving her some time to finishing packing most of her things and then got back to work on Beth's, before anyone else got home.

A little after three, Beth and Puck arrived home and Beth found Rachel in the kitchen, drinking a bottle of water, "mom! Guess what?" Beth grinned.

"I don't know. What?" Rachel wondered, hugging her when the young child wrapped her arms around her waist.

"No more school until next year!" Beth replied happily.

"That's very cool," Rachel agreed, kissing her forehead, "but what's even cooler is that we get to go to Disneyland," she added.

"We do!" Beth nodded.

"Why don't you go put your backpack in your room, kiddo," Puck suggested, "then maybe mom will be nice enough to make you a snack," he added.

"Please, mom?" She looked at her.

"Of course I will," Rachel replied with a nod.

"Thanks!" Beth waved, heading to the stairs and soon her parents could hear her footsteps in her room.

"Hey, babe," Puck grinned, slipping his arms around her and kissing her lovingly, "didn't expect you to be home so early."

Rachel relaxed into his arms, "hey," she smiled, "my last class finished was at noon and my boss knows we're leaving soon, so she understood and didn't make me stick around. I'm glad she let me leave. I got most of my things packed up except what I'll use in the morning and am mostly done with Beth's packing, too. I just need to make sure what I've packed is what she'll wear and want," she explained, "I should probably go back up and go through that stuff with her now and we still haven't decided if we're going to let her take a carry-on or if we'll just put what she wants in our bags," she added.

"Whoa, slow down, babe," Puck kissed her again, "relax. Things will get done."

"I know, but we're planning to leave in the morning and---"

"Rachel, we're going to stay at your dads tomorrow night, so if we're not out of the house until tomorrow afternoon, I think they'll understand," he told her, resting his hands on her shoulders, "if things aren't all done tonight, we can take care of them in the morning. Stressing like this can't be good for you," he listened to hear footsteps upstairs, "or the baby," he whispered.

Taking a deep breath, she nodded, "we're okay," she replied, but understood what he meant, "I just I want to make sure everything is taken care of. Thankfully mom already talked to Finn's mom and she'll be keeping an eye on the house and getting the mail and all that, but we still have things to do."

"They'll get done. We're all done with work and school today and we've got all tonight and tomorrow," he assured her, hearing footsteps, "you should probably get Beth's snack made. I gotta go change."

Rachel nodded, "yeah, I'll make that real quick, then she can come upstairs and we can go through her things."

"That's fine, but just remember you don't need to stress about it," he reminded her, kissing her once more before pulling away, "we've got plenty of time."


Trying not to stress out like Puck asked, Rachel sat back and relaxed while Beth was eating her snack and then the two headed upstairs to go through what Rachel had picked out. While they were up there, Puck started dinner, since his mom and sister hadn't gotten home yet and when Rachel and Beth finished, they joined him in the kitchen.

It wasn't too much longer and Arin and Deborah were home; Arin had stayed after school to talk to her teachers about any work assignments she might miss the next day and took her math test that was supposed to be given the next day, so she didn't have to make it up when she returned to school.

Puck continued working on dinner, since he was packed, except for things he'd use in the morning, giving his mom and sister some time to pack. Once the family sat down to eat, they were talking mostly about the plans for the next day and Deborah agreed they'd have time in the morning to finish up, if necessary.

Once dinner was over, Deborah and Arin returned to packing, while Puck, Rachel and Beth settled down in the living room to watch a movie and let Beth pick it. Their movie collection was a combination of everyone's and Beth looked through them and landed on an older Disney movie she hadn't seen, "what's this about?" She asked, holding up 'The Beauty and the Beast'.

Rachel smiled, "it's about a prince who was cursed and turned into a beast and the only way to become a human again was to have a woman fall in love with him as a beast. It's one of my favorite Disney movies," she explained.

"Really? Can we watch it?" Beth asked, looking at her parents, but mostly her dad, because she wasn't sure if he'd want to.

Puck shrugged, "yeah, go for it. I guess I could sit through a Disney Princess movie, since we are going to Disneyland in a few days."

Grinning, Beth set up the TV and DVD player, then took a seat on the recliner and once she was comfortable, she hit the play button.


Though the movie had come out many years prior, it was still had an important message in it and Rachel found herself crying when she realized several similarities to her and Puck's relationship.

"What's wrong?" Puck asked, surprised she was crying.

"I..." She wiped her eyes and blushed, "I realized we're a little like Belle and the Beast. You were kind of a jerk in high school, and I was stubborn and a lot like Belle, in some ways. When we met, you were mean to me, but then we dated and you were a gentleman... Now that I think back to what happened and seeing Belle leave to help her dad, it was like when I left, and you let me go even though you didn't want me to and now that I've come back, we've finally admitted our feelings for each other and can be together," she explained, looking at him, "I know it's not completely us, but definitely similar."

Puck leaned over and pressed a kiss to her lips, "I saw the similarities, too," he agreed, pulling her in for a tight hug, "it's a pretty good movie. Not a huge fan of these princess movies, but it has a good message and for my girls, I'll watch them."

Rachel smiled and kissed him again, "that means a lot, Noah," she replied, relaxing in his arms. Glancing over to Beth, she smiled, "so what did you think?" She asked.

"I liked it," she agreed, "and I think it's even cooler now that you say it reminds you of you and daddy," she added, moving towards them, "do you think we'll be able to meet them at Disneyland?"

"I don't know," Rachel admitted, "I know they have people dressed up as the characters and they walk around the park, but I'm not sure if we'll see them. We can look for them, if you'd like to."

"Okay!" Beth grinned, leaning in to Rachel to give her a hug.

Rachel wrapped her arms around her and pressed a kiss to her cheek, "do you have any other favorite Disney characters or princesses?" She wondered.

"Well, I like Jasmine and Mulan. Nemo is also pretty cool. I like a lot of them," Beth commented with a shrug.

"There a lot of neat Disney characters," Rachel agreed, glancing at the clock, "what do you say about getting ready for bed?" She asked, seeing it was almost eight-thirty.

Beth nodded, "okay. I'm getting tired," she admitted.


Once Beth was ready for bed and had said 'goodnight' to Deborah and Arin, Puck met Rachel and Beth in her room and the two adults tucked her in and talked to her for a little while until she started to drift off to sleep.

Leaving her room, the couple headed back downstairs, cleaning and locking things up before heading back upstairs. They talked to Deborah and Arin briefly in the hallway and agreed on getting up around seven, but would let Arin and Beth sleep a little longer and soon they were all heading to bed.

Once they were in their room, Rachel's mind, though relaxed during the movie, kicked into overdrive again and she began to mention things they'd need to do the next day. "Rachel, how many times do we have to go through this? We've got plenty of time," he smirked, finally slipping under the blankets once he'd changed.

Joining him in bed, she sighed, "I know and I'm sorry, but I just keep thinking of things. I'm surprised I was able to relax to watch the movie. I think part of me is worried because there are four people going who are not used to traveling a lot and I want to make sure we don't forget something."

"That's understandable, but like I've said and mom agreed with at dinner; we've got plenty of time to take care of things," he assured her, wrapping his arms around her body, "so let's just get to sleep and take things one step at a time in the morning."

"Okay," she nodded, then leaned in and pressed a kiss to his lips, "do you really want to just sleep?" She wondered curiously.

"Well, I didn't really think you'd be focused enough to do anything," he admitted honestly, but seeing her grin, his body reacted and he kissed her again, "but I'm sure we could find something to do to pass some time, if you're up for it."

Shifting her body closer to him, she grinned, "I definitely am."


Rachel was the first one awake the next morning. She let Puck sleep a little longer and once she was showered and ready for the day, she woke Puck up and finished packing her daily items into her bags and soon he was up and she was taking her bags downstairs.

Finding Deborah's bags were already in the living room, Rachel set hers next to them and the two chatted in the kitchen until Puck joined them. Once he was there, they had breakfast and talked about their goal of getting out of the house by noon and Puck was pretty sure they'd be able to be out of town by then.

Once they finished breakfast, Rachel and Deborah went upstairs to wake up Arin and Beth. Beth got up easily, as soon as Rachel woke her, but it was harder to wake Arin. She had only started packing the night before, so she stayed up later than the others to work and still hadn't finished, so when Deborah woke her, she stayed in bed a little longer, giving Beth a chance to use the bathroom if she wanted.

Beth ate breakfast first and then Rachel helped her get ready and were gathering her bathroom things up when Arin finally crawled out of bed. It didn't take long before Beth and Rachel had double checked Beth's room and were taking her luggage down to add to where Puck, Rachel and Deborah's bags were sitting.

Deborah offered to help Arin finish packing, and while they worked on that, Puck began to pack up his SUV and Deborah's car with their bags and finally around eleven-thirty, Arin was finished and her bags were packed into the car.

After double checking that they had all their personal things packed up, they did a final walk through the house to make sure things were clean, nothing was on that could cause problems and doors and windows were locked. Finally, just before noon, the family was walking out of the house and locking it and Deborah was calling Finn's mom, Carole, to let her know they were leaving.


Split up in two cars, Rachel, Puck and Beth were leading in Puck's SUV and the two hour drive was pretty uneventful. Beth was familiar with the drive, because she and Puck had done it several times, and though Puck knew the way to Columbus, he didn't know how to get her dads' place, so once they hit the city, Rachel gave him the directions.

A little over two and a half hours after they all left Lima, they pulled up in front of the Berry's two-story home and parked, glad to finally be there. Climbing out of the cars to stretch their legs, Alan came outside to greet them, "hey everyone, I hope the trip down was alright," he said.

"Hi granddad!" Beth grinned, skipping over to him and hugging him.

Alan smiled and leaned down, pressing a kiss to her forehead as they hugged, "hey sweetie. Are you ready for our trip?"

Beth nodded, "yeah! I'm excited!"

"We all are," Rachel agreed, moving to hug her dad, "where's daddy?"

"At work," Alan replied when he returned Rachel's hug.

"Work? But we're leaving tomorrow, dad!" Rachel gasped, "are you guys even packed, yet?"

Alan raised a curious eyebrow at her, "um, not quite yet," he admitted, but by her wide eyes, he realized he probably shouldn't have said that, "we've still got time to pack," he added, "just relax."

Puck laughed lightly, "she's been acting like that for the last few days."

"Sweetheart, this is supposed to be a fun family vacation. Don't worry about all this; we've got plenty of time," Alan assured her, hugging her again, "now come on, let's get inside so we're not standing out here in the cold," he added.

Rachel blushed, but nodded, "alright, I'm trying, but I can't help it. I just want everything to be perfect for our first vacation together."

"It will be," Puck replied, wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pulled her in for a hug, "because we'll be a family."

Smiling at his words, she snuggled into his arms, "yeah, we will be."


Gathering up some of their bags, the family headed inside and set them in the living room and then Rachel gave them a tour, showing them the guest rooms and bathrooms and other places they'd need and then she guided Beth into her bedroom, "it's not completely like I had it when I was a kid, but close," Rachel admitted.

The room was still decorated like she had it when she lived there before, the white walls were still decorated with various movie and musical posters, she had some purple decorations scattered around the room, along with a few of her favorite childhood stuffed animals and her twin bed was made with purple sheets and a lavender and dark purple plaid comforter, "and you know my favorite color is purple," she said, motioning to her bed and some of the decorations.

"I do," Beth nodded, "this is so cool!" She moved towards a few of her stuffed animals and picked up a stuffed teddy bear that had purple fur, "this is cute!"

"It is," Rachel agreed, taking a seat on the bed, "so, I was thinking."

"About what?" Beth wondered, hopping up on the bed next to Rachel with the stuffed animal still in her hands.

"This bed is awfully small for Noah and I to sleep in together, so I was thinking you could stay in here tonight," she suggested, "would you like to?"

"Really?" Beth gasped and when Rachel nodded, she leaned over and threw her arms around her in a hug, "I'd love to!"

"I'm glad. It's special to me, and I want to share it with you," Rachel said honestly, hugging her tightly, "I love you, Beth."

"I love you, too, mommy," Beth replied.

Puck really didn't mean to intrude on their moment, but he was surprised the 'tour' had taken so long, so he went to see what they were up to and ended up leaning against Rachel's bedroom door frame, watching and listening to their conversation. As they talked, his eyes danced around the room and saw numerous familiar things, that he remembered from the brief time he was in her bedroom in their Lima home, many years prior, but before he could start reminiscing on the past, he heard Rachel and Beth's 'I love you' and he couldn't be happier to see them together.

"Daddy! Did you hear? Mommy's letting me sleep in her room tonight," Beth said, pulling away from Rachel when she saw him.

"Yeah, I did hear that," Puck nodded, "that's pretty cool. You gonna say 'thank you'?" He wondered curiously as he stepped into the room.

"Thanks, mommy," Beth replied.

"You're welcome," Rachel smiled, standing up and slipping her arm around his waist, "are you spying on us?" She teased.

He laughed lightly, "no, but I couldn't help overhear your conversation. That's cool you're letting her stay in here tonight," he said, glancing at Beth, who was now up and looking around at some of Rachel's things, "I came up here to see what you two were up to and also because Alan said he's going to head to the store in a bit to pick up some things he and David need for the trip and to get Chinese take-out for dinner, so he wants to know what you guys want."

"I'm hungry now," Beth commented, "we skipped lunch, remember?"

"Yeah we did," Rachel agreed, "let's go find you a snack to get you through until dinner," she suggested, slipping an one of her arms around Beth's shoulders.


Heading downstairs, the three joined the others and finding a few fruits in the fridge, Rachel cut them up for Beth to have as a snack and then they discussed what to get for dinner. Once they'd picked things out, Alan called in the order to pick up and then left the house, letting them kick back and relax for a while.

While they were all in the living room, Beth began looking at the pictures they had sitting on various shelves and tables or hanging on the walls. Most of them were photos of Rachel, David and Alan, or just the two men on trips, some were of family members, but they also still had a lot of pictures of a younger Rachel scattered around and Beth liked seeing her mom when she was younger; something she hadn't seen before, and in other spaces there were pictures of the newest additions to their family - Beth, Puck, Deborah and Arin. Seeing the pictures of them, Beth was happy and it made her see even more that they loved her and they weren't just saying it.

David got home before Alan and he greeted everyone before heading upstairs to change and then joined them in the living room while they waited for Alan to get back. When Alan got home, they headed for the kitchen and started sorting out dinner and soon they were sitting around the dinning room table, talking mostly about their trip, but also about the things that had been going on in the past week, since they hadn't been up to see them since the first day of Hanukkah.

When dinner was over, they found themselves in the living room again. This time, David pulled out a collection of kid movies, including some Disney ones, that they had around so when their younger nieces and nephews were visiting, they had something to watch. Beth picked out a movie and then curled up on the couch between Puck and Rachel and the large family settled in to enjoy it.

As the movie came to an end, even though it was still pretty early, everyone started to gather their bags and head up to their bedrooms to get ready for bed, since they had to be at the airport by eight the next morning.

Saying 'goodnight' to everyone, Rachel helped Beth get changed and then Puck joined them to tuck her into Rachel's old bed. "Daddy and I will be right next door, so if you need anything just come find us or call out," Rachel said honestly, tugging the blankets up over Beth once she laid down.

"Okay," Beth nodded, holding onto the stuffed animal she'd brought from home, "are you going to stay until I fall asleep?" She asked hopeful.

"Like always," Puck assured her, sitting on the opposite side of the bed from Rachel.

Beth smiled at them and then settled in a little, reaching for the purple stuffed teddy bear of Rachel's that she had earlier, "can I sleep with this, too?"

"Of course you can," Rachel nodded, "and I was thinking we could bring her home, too."

"Really?" Beth grinned, "awesome!"

"Very. Do you want to bring her to California, too, or should we pick her up when we come home?" Rachel wondered.

"I don't know. Are we coming back here?" Beth asked.

Rachel blushed, glancing at Puck, "I don't know. We haven't even talked about what we're doing when we get home."

"Depends on when our flight gets in. I think it would make more sense to stay here the night we get back and go home in the morning. Maybe you should leave it here, unless you and mom can get it in your luggage," Puck suggested, looking at Rachel and Beth.

"I think we can fit her," Rachel replied. "We'll figure it out in the morning when we pack up."

"Cool!" Beth smiled, but she was getting sleep, so she snuggled in, "goodnight. Love you mommy, daddy."

"Love you too, kiddo," Puck replied, leaning over and pressing a kiss to her forehead.

Rachel tucked the blanket around Beth a little more and kissed her cheek, "love you, sweetie. Do you think you'll be warm enough?"

"I think so," Beth nodded, letting her eyes close as her body began to drift off to sleep.

Puck and Rachel carefully shifted off the bed and stood up, moving towards the door, because they knew Beth was close to falling asleep. Puck stepped into the hallway first and Rachel followed him, turning the light off and gently closing the bedroom door as she did. "Bed for us?" She asked softly.

"Yeah," Puck nodded, following her a few feet down the hall to the guest room they were using, "that was cool what you did for Beth," he added as he closed the door behind him.

"What part?" She wondered, unsure what exactly he meant.

"Letting her keep the bear and also letting her stay in your room," he admitted.

"Oh," Rachel smiled, "well, since it's a strange house, I thought that she might be more comfortable in a place that is positive for her or special; like she'd never seen my room before, so it's a big deal for her to be here and even more special to stay in my old room," she explained, "and I know she takes care of her stuffed animals, so I have no problem giving it to her. It think it means more if it is 'passed down' or a gift from someone and not just an 'I want it, so I got it' toy," she added.

"That makes sense," Puck nodded in agreement, "and I would have done the same thing," he wrapped his arms around her and held her close, "we're so lucky to have you in our lives. You're an amazing mom to Beth, an awesome soon-to-be wife and a great friend. I couldn't have asked for a better person to be with," he said truthfully, smiling at her.

Rachel felt tears filling her eyes at his words, "oh, Noah," she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tightly, "I love you so much. I've always been able to be myself around you and I'm glad you approve of the way I am, because I'm just being myself."

Puck reached up and wiped her eyes gently, "that's all I ever want you to be: yourself. It's who I fell for in high school and who I have fallen deeply in love with now," he smiled, pressing a kiss to her lips before resting his forehead against hers.

Letting her eyes drift closed for a moment, Rachel soaked in his words and warmth and felt her heart swell with love, "I feel the same way about you, Noah. I just want you to be yourself around me. I also can't wait to be Mrs. Noah Puckerman," she grinned.

"The feeling is mutual babe," he nodded, relaxing for a moment, but also knew they should be getting into bed, "come on, let's get settled in bed," he said softly.

Realizing he was right, Rachel nodded and reluctantly pulled away a little, "as long as we can do this in bed," she replied.



Feeling like they just got to sleep, their alarm was going off and this time no one had a chance to sleep in. They had to be at the airport by eight-am and even though they were in the same town as the airport, they still needed to have time to find parking spaces for the two cars they were taking to the airport and leaving for the trip and also get all of them and their luggage to their check-in desk.

Once everyone was up and had a light breakfast, planning to pick something up at the airport when they were through security, the house was busy with last minute details and packing. Since Deborah and Noah's cars were still partially filled with luggage, David and Alan decided to just let them take their cars, instead of having to unload and reload theirs, so once the adults were content that their luggage was packed, they put it in one of the cars they were taking.

A little after seven, the last of the luggage was packed into Deborah's car and the Berry men were making final checks around their house and letting David's sister know they were leaving, who was going to be watching the house while they were gone. Grabbing a few things to add to their carry-on, and then double checking to make sure they had all the paperwork for the trip with them, the large family piled into cars and were off to the airport.

Even though it was early morning, it was still close to Christmas and traffic was busy, but they made it to the airport in about thirty minutes and found the secure parking area for leaving vehicles. Checking in with an attendant with some paperwork, they noted their space numbers and soon were loading their luggage onto carts and making the trek towards the check-in area.

Beth was in awe of the airport. She'd never been that close to it before and even though she couldn't see too much while they were walking to the check-in desks, she had gotten a glimpse of some airplanes on the runway when they were driving up and it woke her up from the early morning haze she had been in, even more excited for the trip.

When they arrived at their airline's desk, it was pretty quiet for the moment and a single clerk took the whole family to check each of them in one-by-one and once all of their luggage was checked in, except for their carry-ons, they headed towards the security line.

"Just remember to stay with someone. I don't want you running off and getting lost," Puck commented, glancing at Beth, who was between him and Rachel, holding their hands.

"I know," Beth nodded, letting go of Rachel's hand and wrapping her arms around her dad, "I won't get lost," she promised, hugging him.

Returning her hug, he pressed a kiss to her forehead, "good to know. You're usually good about that, but I just want to make sure you remember. This is the first time we're taking a trip this far away from home and it's a big place we're going to."

"You guys told me," Beth nodded, "you said I had to make sure someone knows where I am at all times and I will."

Rachel rested her hand on Beth's shoulder, "dad's just reminding you," she smiled, glancing at Puck and could see him looking a little worried, something she wasn't used to seeing and it kind of surprised her, but she kept her calm, wanting to get through security before she asked him about his concerns.


Even though their check-in desk had been quiet, there were numerous other desks open to check in travelers, so the security line was pretty long. Because of the holiday season, they had more security on staff to get everyone through, so thankfully, it only took about forty-five minutes to get all of the Puckermans and Berrys up to the front of the line and through the checkpoint.

Once on the other side, they still had about an hour before their flight would board, so they headed towards the McDonald's in the food court to pick up some breakfast. After getting their food, they founds seats near a large window that looked out over part of the runway and Beth was intrigued at everything going on.

"Noah, are you alright?" Rachel asked, sliding her chair closer to him.

"Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" He replied, glancing at her.

"You, um, you seemed a little worried earlier, when we were in the security line," she admitted.

"Oh, that. I'm alright," he assured her, "it just hit me we're going to Disneyland and it's a really big place," he motioned to Beth, "she's usually good about staying close to us when we go to the mall or other places, but I wanted to make sure she realizes she can't wander off. It's my biggest fear; to lose her or to get separated in a big crowd," he admitted softly.

Rachel took his hand in hers and squeezed it gently, "I'm worried about that, too, but like you said, she stays close when we go shopping or to other places. She'll be with at least one of the six of us at all times, so she'll never be alone wandering around. It's definitely understandable to have that as a concern and you can't just turn it off, but hopefully you'll be able to set it aside so we can enjoy our trip," she commented, "she'll be fine."

Puck smiled, "thanks and I know she will be. I trust you all and I know she's a good kid. I'm sure I'll shake this feeling once we get there and can relax for a while."

"That makes sense," Rachel nodded, "and I'm sure you will, too."


Letting their conversation settle, they finished eating breakfast and gathered up their things, before heading towards their gate. They still had a little time before their flight boarded, so they passed the time by sitting by the window and watching the planes move around in various different directions.

When their flight was called to board, they lined up and waited for their turn, and slowly they got to the front of the line. Puck, Rachel and Beth checked in first and then stepped away, but waited for the rest of their family to check in, before they all made their way to the plane.

Finding their tickets were all in the same row, they split up into three and four, since there were four seats on one side of the plane and three on the other. Beth took a window seat and Rachel sat next to her with Puck on the aisle of their side and the rest of their family sat across the aisle from the. Arin took the other window seat and Deborah sat next to her with David beside her and Alan sitting on the aisle.

"So now what do we do?" Beth asked looking around.

Rachel took her seat, "well, after dad puts our bags above us, we'll buckle our seatbelts and wait until the plane takes off," she explained, "then we'll be on our way."

"Cool," Beth smiled, "they've got seatbelts on planes? Weird," she added, raising a curious eyebrow at the lap belt.

"You don't have to wear it the whole time; only for take off, landing and if the pilot thinks we need to wear them. The rest of the time we can have it off," Rachel told her, helping her get her belt hooked.


Relaxing in their seats until the plane was finally loaded, the flight attendants began their safety speech and soon the plane was taxing out onto the runway and waiting for it's turn to take off.

"I'm scared," Beth murmured, now a little intimidated at the plane.

Rachel draped her arm around Beth's shoulders and kissed her cheek, "you're okay," she promised, "I was scared the first time I flew somewhere, but now it doesn't bother me at all."

"Really?" Beth bit her lip and leaned against her.

"Really," Rachel nodded, rubbing her back.

Puck reached around Rachel and took Beth's hand in his, "I'm nervous, too, but we'll be okay," he said honestly.

Rachel added her hand to theirs and smiled at Puck, "you're right. We will be," she nodded, just as the plane lifted off.

The first-time fliers hesitated a little, but once the plane leveled out, they relaxed and Beth pulled away from her parents to look out the window at the shrinking city below.

"Next stop, California," Puck grinned, wrapping his arms around Rachel's shoulders as they watched Beth.

"I'm so excited to for this trip, Noah," Rachel admitted, smiling at him.

Puck kissed her on the lips and returned her smile, "I definitely am, too, babe. We're gonna have an awesome time."


A/N5: Hope you guys enjoyed the chapter. Let me know what you think! I'm looking forward to Disneyland. Lots of great things planned. Can't wait to get writing it!

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A/N7: I've become disgusted with Glee. I haven't watched an entire episode since season 3's Christmas episode and I don't think that will change. I haven't liked season 3 at all and I don't see the show getting any better in the future. They've ruined the characters I love. I am and always will be a Puckleberry shipper and now all I do is watch the show for Mark Salling, Lea Michele and Puckleberry or Lark moments. I will NOT stop writing Puckleberry (or Lark!), no matter what they do with the characters on the show, so don't worry that I'm going to stop writing - I won't! I love the characters too much to stop writing them, I promise! I also have tons of ideas that I won't give up on! ... Glee has cast Rachel's dads and they will first be shown in this week's episode, '3x13 - Heart'. Rachel's dads names will always be David and Alan Berry to me; David being the Jewish, light skinned dad and when I see David in my mind, I've always pictured Jeff Goldbum, so I was shocked to see he'd been cast as one of Rachel's dads. I think they have named his character Hiram, but to me he will always be David, which actually is the name of the character he played in Independence Day back in the 1990s. Just wanted to let you know that my stories will always have David and Alan as Rachel's dads, because the two men have grown on me so much that I won't change them to follow the show. I also thought I'd mention this, so you guys could share my mental image of David, if you didn't have one yet.



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